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"If a building can be seen as a "snapshot" that captures the spirit of a specific place at a certain time as well as its cultural and technical framework and the people involved, then it is the architect's job to press the shutter button."

GARDaRCHITECTS sees its mission in experiencing and creating design and architecture with a 360 ° all-round view and without restrictions. The team, with its headquarters in Torbole del Garda and partners / branches in Desenzano, Torri del Benaco and Bolzano, is made up of specialists who, thanks to their experience in the most diverse areas of planning and construction, offer a service tailored to the needs of their customers.

Like a tailor-made suit, our projects can be characterized by the constant search for innovative materials, their creative approach in design, passion, style and last but not least, attention to detail. GARDaRCHITCTS aims to offer a distinctive, complete, detailed and exclusive product - the result of a constant research for new concepts and design-solutions  as well as the use of new materials that underline a project's uniqueness.

GARDaRCHITECTS always looks to the future with the aim of recognizing and adopting new styles and trends at an early stage, without ever losing sight of the wishes of its customers. In the hands of our team of experts, the project takes shape, gets its own personal touch, right through to the turnkey handover. 

To entrust yourself to GARDaRCHITECTS means being fully assisted in every aspect of the project: 

- purchase advice in legal and notary matters.
- fully integrated design from distribution of spaces and volumes up to the choice of finishing details and decor, combining       structures and systems.
- supervision and coordination of all stages of the building process including finishing and furnishing.
- management of all urban and environmental planning.
- post-construction building management.

Corso Italia 75 / 37016 Garda (VR) / P.IVA 02584130229

Christian Schaermer


+39 335 543 6995

Roberto Lizzeri


+39 335 529 9787

Rohit Kurhade

Interior Designer

+39 333 997 1757


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